India is a country in Asia and the Centre of South Asia. India is a peninsula, bound by the Indian Ocean in the South, Arabian Sea in the West, Bay of Bengal in the East, and the Great Himalayan Mountains in the North.

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world with its rich culture and heritage. India is a country which will enchant you with her beauty and diversity, delight you with her kaleidoscopic pageantry, enrich you with her rich culture and tradition, amaze you with her modesty, embrace you with her warmth and hospitality, treat you with her variety of delicious cuisines from the North to South and East to West. It is also the land which has the largest tiger population in the world.

Since Independence, India has achieved all round of socio-economic progress and has become one of the top industrialized countries in the world and one of the few nations to have entered in the outer space to conquer nature for the benefits of the people. Being the 7th largest country in the world, India today stands apart from the rest of Asia and the world.

India, a country to be experienced, seen with the heart, and understood with the soul. Come fall in Love on this unique journey, soak yourself in the sight and sound of India, embrace yourself with the nature and its people, color yourself with its festivals, follow the ancient old traditions and experience staying at a Palace hotel and being treated as a King.

Enjoy the pristine beaches to the snow-covered mountains, ancient architectural temples, spiritual monasteries, royal palaces, unconquered forts, colorful markets, chaotic cities, historic monuments, natural landscapes, national parks, cruises, mouthwatering authentic traditional cuisines, yoga and wellness retreats, luxury trains and many more……

Take a glimpse on the North, East, West, Central and South India.

  • North India - famous for its archeological sites, museums, temples, Himalayan ranges etc.
  • East India - popularly known for the world-famous hill station Darjeeling, which is also called the Queen of the Hills, ancient temples and more predominantly the colonies ruled and occupied by the British Raj.
  • North East India - known for its tea plantations and picturesque landscape.
  • Central India - famous for its national parks and tiger reserves and most importantly famous the Rudyard Kiplings Jungle Book which was picturized and based on the Pench National Park.
  • West India - famous for its Bollywood films, ancient forts and palaces as well as romantic picturesque landscapes.
  • South India - popularly known for being the temple city of India with beautifully architectural temples of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala popularly known as the God’s Own Country famous for its backwaters, river cruises and Ayurveda.